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Dimenses do calado infantil kid

2010-04-12 02:07:58
Geraskin, PE
Dimenses do calado infantil kid

The sizes of children's footwear

   In the given table a dimensional number of children's footwear is resulted:
European (Russian), American, and also conformity of length of foot of the kid (sm and inches) to the size of footwear and age.

   The data resulted more low, is rough. The given table will help to be advanced more carefully, at what age and what size your child can carry. But all the same to purchase footwear "on вырост" it is necessary accurately as the foot of the kid grows not always in regular intervals. If you plan to purchase to the kid footwear, but there is no possibility to it to try on, it is necessary to lean against four data sources:
- The real size of foot of the child;
- To find a dimensional ruler of the given manufacturer;
- To find out how much truly marks and the real size продавемой footwear coincide;
- To agree about an exchange or footwear return in case the footwear will not approach for any reasons.

The sizes of children's footwear and age of the child


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